Roto Grip

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Dare Devil

TAKE THE NEXT STEP... Sometimes you gotta leap before you look. Trust your preparation and gear. Believe in yourself. That’s how I roll. With my downlane focused Madcap™ core and ultra-responsive Amped™ pearl coverstock, success is guaranteed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put on a good show. Build a little suspense. Keep ‘em guessing til the very last second.

Dare Devil Danger

NO RISK... NO REWARD! Are you willing to take a chance?

Dare Devil Trick

Because following the norm is just boring...

Hot Cell

EXPLOSIVE POTENTIAL... Because sometimes tradition needs an upgrade...

Hustle P/O/W

MAKE YOUR MOVE... Others sit back in their living room recliners and watch. We’re out here in the streets, on the lanes, making it happen, leaving our mark. We don’t slow down and we never give up. Our Hustle™ cores keep us moving controlled and true as our three different coverstocks give us the versatility to match any beat. Now step up and make your mark.

Hustle S/A/Y

BREAK THE MOLD... When we’re expected to perform, trust us — we don’t hold back. Our dynamic Hustle™ Core drives the motion and keeps the control, but with both the Psyched™ and Stoked™ Hybrid Reactive Coverstocks to choose from, you determine your breakpoint. Make your choice and let’s get started.